Monday, October 19, 2009

Y e T

The brightest day
still feels like the coldest night
a smile hides the pain
bottled up within my soul
awake with no motivation
inspiration has yet to be discovered
everyday i ask myself
why does the sun shine
but it seems like it never shows
why does light shine
yet the dark still surrounds me
happiness lies within
and i have yet to unlock it
so until that day
i create my own reality!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Shout Out Poem

Here's to the thoughts that thinkers think
To the idea that can not be expressed
To the unfortunate and less fortunate
To pain bottled up within the broken hearted
To the wealthy and healthy, living large beyond their dreams
To the dreams of dreams within a dream
Here's to the love of lovers and lust of lusters
To the nightwalkers and exotic dancers
To the real and the fake
To the crooked and the striaght
Here's to the young scholars, exceeding their minds
To the sins and sinners, and the One Divine
Here's to the North, the South, Eastand West
To victims of all atrocity and those who cause their fate
To the abused and misused
To me and you, the ones of yesterday, today, and the future
To the air we breathe and water we drink
Here's to everything that WE think

Thursday, August 20, 2009


ok this is poem i thouqht abt.

open hearts and open minds
emotions cominq out of the mouth
like a river flowinq oh so smoothly
beauty is in the eyes of tha beholder
and the eyes were on yu
bt now the oh so clear skies
once full of beautiful clouds
now turned dark and qrey
the thunder is rollinq
the liqhtninq is flashinq
the very place that was once a beauty
has now been destroyed
no more blue skies
no more clear waters

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whatcha Think!

Ok i have a MAJOR passion for desiqninq clothes...
these are sum my old sketches
lemme kno whut yu think!

Tha start of sumthinq...meh!

This is my 3rd Blog [i think]
bt this is my last and final one!
ima juss let evryone on here kno.
i write whut ->I<- feel